12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021 All Boards


12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021 Guess papers for 12th class physics are released and are now uploaded to our website. Candidates here who are looking for paperwork to guess on physics topics have access to a variety of physics guessing lessons. These guessing papers will greatly help you to get good marks in the final exams. All candidates on this page are kindly requested to go to the bottom of this page to obtain a Grade 12 physics guessing paper. Applicants can download these guess sheets to prepare for later when they will not be able to access the internet.

12th Class Physics Guess Paper

Before you get the guesswork papers, it is up to you to know the importance and type of guessing papers to feel comfortable while preparing for the guesswork papers. Yet speculation papers are always designed on a knowledge base. Those professors who create guesses are actually teachers of this subject and therefore there are always a few important parts in each subject. They just look at what might be the inspector’s mind and what might be a way to ask questions.12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021 ALL BOARDS On this basis, they designed guesswork. You may not get high marks in the final exams, but you will still be able to get good grades.


Guess Paper No:1

12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

Guess Paper No:2

12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

Guess Paper No:3

12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

Guess Paper No:4

12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

Guess Paper No:5

12th Class Physics Guess Paper 2021

Guess Paper No:6


Guess Paper No:7


Guess Paper No:8


Guess Paper No:9


Guess Paper No:10


Long Key Questions and Number Physics paper

  1. What is an electric field? Get electric field power for an endless sheet.
  2. Find electricity somewhere due to point charges
  3. Write a note on the Wheatstone bridge.
  4. Describe electrical power. Find the expression of the energy dissipated in the resistor.
  5. What is a voltmeter? How is the galvanometer converted into a voltmeter?
  6. The 100m high power line holds the current 200A. Find the magnetic field on the ground.
  7. A 15.0 cm long solenoid has 300 turning wires. The current 5.0A current goes with it. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field inside the solenoid?
  8. Describe the purpose, construction and operation of a galvanometer.
  9. A good connecting transformer is connected to the main supply of 240 v. It is desirable to use a 12v, 30 watt lamp. Find out what is in the first and last variables.
  10. Explain the policy, construction and operation of the D.C. maker.
  11. The solenoid has 250 spaces and its independence is 204 mH. What is the flow per turn when the current is 2 A. What is the emf done when the current change is 20 A s-1?
  12. Transfer and expose the energy stored in the inductor and the magnitude of the force.
  13. Find the current flowing through capacitance 0.5 F when connected to a source
    of 150 V at 50 Hz.
  14. Define A.C using and inductor.
  15. Describe consecutive circuit circuits and similarities?
  16. 1.0 m copper wire is placed under power and its length increases by 20 cm. Calculate the type of stiffness and the percentage strength of the thread that occurs.
  17. Explain the magnetic field of solid objects.
  18. Describe the structures of durable machinery?
  19. What are semi-condors? Discuss the construction of type P and type N with a drawing.
  20. What is an operating amplifier? Discuss the amplifier to work as an inverting amplifier. Calculate its benefits.
  21. Calculate the amplifier gain when the RC collector resistance is 5kΩ. The input resistance between the bas and the emitter of a standard resistor is 2.5 kΩ and its value = β = 100.

Discuss the structure and function of the electron microscope.

  1. Write a note on the photoelectric effect.
  2. What is the mass of a man with 70 kg of rocket space traveling at 0,8 C to us as measured by the earth?
  3. The electron is accelerated by a possible difference of 50 V. Calculate de Broglie wavelengths.
  4. What is the force of V quanta of wavelength? 400 = 400, 500, 700 nm.
  5. Describe Bohr’s deployment of a hydrogen atom.
  6. Provide medical and industrial laser use.
  7. Describe the laser operating system.
  8. Describe isotopes and describe a mass spectrograph to distinguish the different isotopes of an object.12TH CLASS PHYSICS GUESS PAPER 2021 ALL BOARDS

Radiation from a point complies with the repeating rule of the square. If the calculation ratio is at a distance of 1.0 m from 32.

  1. Giiger counter 360 degrees per minute, what will be its calculation of 3.0 meters from the source?
  2. Describe Wilson’s cloud chamber to detect radiation.

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