Election officer test preparation past paper / MCQs pdf book

Election officer test preparation, Election Officer Jobs in Election Commission of Pakistan Sector conducts test before hiring employees. This test conducts after completing the application form procedure through the official website www.ecp.gov.pk.

Election Officer test preparation book pdf

The government held this test to check the candidate’s intelligence. The test consists of some general and course-related questions, which are in MCQs form. So, candidates must have to clear this test to get the job as Election Officer in Election Commission Sector. Here we provide the necessary past paper MCQs pdf details of the test for the candidates who want to apply for a required post.

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The government held this test for applied candidates after completing the application form procedure. Firstly, candidates fill the application form on the official website with the required documents and then start the test preparation. Test date announces on Election Commission of Pakistan official website. The applying candidates must keep in touch with the ECP official website to get more information.

Election Officer Test Pattern:

This test consists of MCQs questions in which each statement has four possible options. Here we provide a test pattern for Election Officer 2021 job post. The complete test pattern is described as follows:

  • Test Type for Election Officer Post: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with four possible options for each
  • Total Test Marks: 100
  • Total MCQs Questions: 100
  • Total Time provided to complete the Test: 1 and half hour (90 minutes)

Syllabus and Marks Criteria for Election Officer Test:

Test consists on 100 marks, which includes general and subject related Multiple Choice Questions. Here is the complete distribution of 100 marks test, which base on the different subjects.

  1. English subject has 30% marks
  2. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 (Part 1, 2, and 8) and Act for Elections, 2017 consist of 30%
  3. Islamiyat has 10%
  4. Pakistan Affairs subject also has 10%
  5. Current Affairs has 10%
  6. Every Science contains 10%

Each MCQ consists on 1 mark.

Election Officer Past Papers help the candidates to attentively attempt and pass the test. In the past papers, all MCQs are available for general knowledge, Science, Business, and other Subject related questions. From the past papers, candidates can easily prepare for the test.

ecp ALL SOLVED msqs

The test date for Election Officer in Election Commission of Pakistan sector is March 7, 2021. This is essential for applying candidates to clear the test to join the Election Commission of Pakistan. Without clearing this test, candidates can not get the job.

You are required to carry with you original NIC, call letter, one latest passport size photograph, clipboard pen/ball point and other relevant stationary items. Mobile phone hand bags/books are strictly not allowed in examination center. No TA/DA will be admissible for appearance in the written examination.

ECP all solved MCQS
election officer past papers
  1. The time period of a senator is 6 years.

2. Khewra mines are at Jehlum.

3. The Current NAB chairman Justice (R) Javed Iqbal.

4. Election 2013 took place on 11th May 2013.

5. The age of the President of Pakistan should be 45 years.

6. Pakistan opened its first embassy ?

  • Iran

7. Minority seats in National Assembly are 10.

8. NADRA ordinance promulgated in 2000

9. NATO Headquarter is in ?

  • Brussels.

10. Permanant secretariat of SAARC is at katmandu.

11. Jannat Baqi is in ?

  • Medina Pak

12. The original name of Imam Bukhari is Ismail?

13. Kissing of Hajr-e-Aswad is?

  • Istalam

14. Bangladesh seprated from Pakistan on 16 th Dec 1971.

15. The objective resolution was passed on 12th March 1949.

16. The second constitution of Pakistan was enforced on ?

  • 8 June 1962

17. who is the present governor of kpk?

  • Shah Farman.

18. Naval Cheif of Pakistan? M Amjad Khan Niazi NI(M)

19. Pakistan Iran gas pipeline is known as the peace pipeline.

20. Pakistan China signed 46 billion dollars pacts. (Now it has enhanced to 62Bn$)

21. Foreign Minister of India is Shushma Siraj

22. Current president of china 2021

  • Xi Jinping

23. First constitution of Pakistan was enforced

  • March 23, 1956.

24. Indian National Congress formed in 1885.

25. Govt India Act introduced in 1935.

26. Quid e Azam joined the Muslim league in 1913.

27. Nehru report was presented in ?

  • August 1928

28. 1st president of Pakistan name ?

  • Iskander Mirza

29. Partition plan of India announced on ?

  • 3rd June.

30. Pakistan 6th largest in population. (Now it has crossed the Brazil and standing as 5th largest population in the world)

More most (past paper) repeated mcqs

31. The Constitution of 1973 was enforced on 14 August_____. (1973)

32. The Constitution consists of _ Articles. (280)

33. It consists of Chapters. (14)

34. It consists of Schedules. (7) The Constitution of 1973 provides a form of government. (Parliamentary)

35. Article claimed that the president was to be the “Head of the state”. (41)

36. The tenure of the president will be years. (5)

37. Article 48 of the Constitution of 1973 bounds the president to act upon the advice of____. (Prime Minister).

38. ____ Amendment authorized the president to dissolve the National Assembly. (5th and 8th)

39. The state shall safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minorities including their due representation in Federal and provincial Services is provided by Article of the Constitution 1973.

  • answer Article (36)

40. Article _ of the Constitution, deals with the promotion of social justice and eradication of social evils.

  • answer Article (37)

41. In the Constitution of 1973 minimum age limit for president is held.

  • (Not less than forty-five (45) years of age)

42. President is empowered by Article _ of the Constitution to grant pardon, reprieve, and respite and to remit, suspend or commute any sentence.

  • answer: Article (45)

43. Article _ of the Constitution of 1973 deals with the removal or impeachment of the President.

  • answer Article (47)

44. Article 49 of the Constitution of 1973 empowers to perform the function of President in absence.

  • ans: (Chairman).

45. Constitution of 1973 provides _ kind of Parliament. (Bicameral)

46. _____ Lower House of Pakistan parliament is called.

  • ans: (National Assembly)

47. ______ is Upper House of Parliament. (Bicameral federal legislature/ Senate)

47. Before entering upon office under Article _ the president shall make oath before the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

  • ans: (178)

48. The deputy speaker of NA?

  • answer Mr. Qasim Khan Suri

49. Total amendments in the constitution1973 so far ?

  • Anwar is : 26

50. Turn out in general elections 2013 was?

  • Total voter turnout: 55%

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