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  Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) is the official weather forecasting and climate research organization of Pakistan. The department was established in 1946 and is responsible for providing weather forecasts, conducting climate research, and providing weather information to the general public and government agencies.

The department employs approximately 1,000 people, including scientists, forecasters, and other staff. The department is based in Karachi, and also has offices in other cities including Lahore, Quetta, and Rawalpindi,

  Pakistan Meteorological Department Jobs

I. Vacancies & Eligibility Criteria

GradePost NameTotal PostsMin QualificationAge Limit
15Assistant (Ministerial)3Graduate18 – 28 Years
14Meteorological Assistant14B.Sc18 – 25 Years
13Sub Engineer (Electronics)8DAE18 – 25 Years
12Computer Data Entry Operator6Bachelors18 – 25 Years
11Upper Division Clerk4Intermediate18 – 25 Years
9Lower Division Clerk4Matric18 – 25 Years
9Senior Observer14F.Sc18 – 25 Years
7Radio Mechanic1Matric18 – 25 Years
7Observer15Matric18 – 25 Years
5Mechanic Grade II2Middle18 – 25 Years
5Tracer1Post-Matric-Certificate18 – 25 Years

II. Responsibility and work

  1. Assistant (Ministerial)
  2. Meteorological Assistant
  3. Sub Engineer (Electronics)
  4. Computer Data Entry Operator
  5. Upper Division Clerk
  6. Lower Division Clerk

Assistant (Ministerial)/Meteorological Assistant

The Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan is looking for candidates with Meteoro Assistant (Ministerial) logical Department experience to fill the following position: Logical Department Assistant (1 Position) Salary: Rs. 1,00,000 – 1,25,000

Job Description: The candidate will be required to provide technical support to the Minister of Science and Technology, including providing technical support for the minister’s office, and conference room, and will be expected to assist in the running of the minister’s office. The main responsibilities of the job include: – Supporting the Minister of Science and Technology in his/her official work – Providing technical support for the minister’s office, conference

Join Pakistan Meteoro Assistant (Ministerial) logical Department Jobs. The department is currently recruiting candidates for the following positions:

  • Meteoro Assistant (Ministerial)
  • Meteoro Assistant (Non-Ministerial)

Sub Engineer (Electronics)

Pakistan Meteorological Department Sub Engineer (Electronics) Department is one of the largest central organizations in Pakistan. Pakistan Meteorological Department is under the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), and it is responsible for coordinating and maintaining weather services in Pakistan, monitoring weather, providing early warnings, determining weather advisories, and issuing forecasts.

Computer Data Entry Operator/Upper Or Lower Division Clerk

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III: How the department works

Described as the “nation’s weather agency,” the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) is an organization responsible for providing weather forecasts and climate observations to the country. The organization operates a network of weather observation stations, which are spread out across the country. The PMD is also responsible for maintaining the country’s weather radar network and issuing weather alerts to the public. One of the most important functions of the PMD is to provide meteorological information to the armed forces, who in turn use this information to plan their operations.

IV: Importance of the department

The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) is Pakistan’s national weather service, responsible for providing weather forecasts, weather maps, and weather advisories to the public and other governmental agencies. The PMD employs a large number of meteorologists,

V: Importance of the research

Who uses a variety of methods to understand and predict the weather? This includes both traditional methods such as meteorological observations and instruments, and newer methods such as computer simulation, remote sensing, and data analysis. The PMD is also responsible for producing weather forecasts for the country, which are used by the public, news organizations, and the government.

Amazing Facts about Pakistan Meteorological Department

The research and Development Division is split into the following units:

  • Seasonal Prediction
  • Climate Change & Modeling
  • Crop Modeling & Pollen Monitoring
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Glacier Monitoring and Snow Research

VI: Activities of the departments

20METEOROLOGYChief MeteorologistView
19METEOROLOGYSenior Private SecretaryView
19METEOROLOGYDirector/ Principal MeteorologistView
19ENGINEERINGDirector (Engineering) / Principal EngineerView
18ENGINEERINGSenior Electronic Engineer / Deputy Director (Engineering)View
18METEOROLOGYDeputy Director / Senior Meteorologist / Senior ProgrammerView
18ADMINDeputy Chief Administrative OfficerView
17ENGINEERINGElectronic EngineerView
17ADMINAdministrative OfficerView
17ADMINAccounts OfficerView
17ADMINSecurity OfficerView
16METEOROLOGYAssistant MeteorologistView
16ENGINEERINGAssistant Electronic EngineerView
16ENGINEERINGAssistant Mechanical EngineerView
16METEOROLOGYAssistant ProgrammerView
15ADMINAssistant MinisterialView
15ADMINHead DraughtsmanView
14METEOROLOGYMet AssistantView
14METEOROLOGYMeteorological AssistantView
13ENGINEERINGSub Engineer (Electronics)View
13ENGINEERINGSub Engineer (Mechanical)View
12ADMINComputer Data Entry OperatorView
11ENGINEERINGTechnical AssistantView
11ADMINUpper Division ClerkView

VII: Conclusion

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Scope Of Software Engineering And Salary In Pakistan

Scope Of Software Engineering And Salary In Pakistan

What is Software Engineering? Software engineers design, build and maintain software systems. They are responsible for the architecture, security, and reliability of a system, and for keeping the software development team effective and productive.

Software engineers often work on large-scale, complex systems, such as web and cloud software, enterprise software, and data management systems. They also work on smaller projects, such as building a system from scratch or improving an existing one.

The average salary of software Engneer is RS 818,389.The profit and salary are according to the 2022 budget.

What is the scope of software engineering in Pakistan

  • What are software engineering and its eligibility?
  • What kind of courses do you have to study in Software Engineering?
  • What kind of jobs are available in Pakistan for software engineering students?
  • Which university offers a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering?

What are software engineering and its eligibility?

Skills in Software Engineer

  • As a Software Engineer, you’ll build software that helps our customers succeed. You’ll design, build, test, and improve our products and services. You’ll work closely with the product, engineering, and design teams to architect solutions, build prototypes, and iterate on product strategy.
  • You’ll partner closely with the other engineers on the team, and with your lead, to deliver a high-quality product that meets our goals.
  • As a Software Engineer at Bizible, you’ll design, build, and maintain software applications that help our customers manage their small business finances better.
  • You will work closely with other engineers, designers, and data analysts to design, build, and refine our technology stack and platform.
  • You will also be responsible for maintaining and improving our existing technology. This involves writing code, testing it, and making improvements.

Want To Be a Software Engineer

If you really want to be a Software Engineer then read these points for you. For this field, you must be

  1. Interests
  2. Academic Requirement
  3. Working Hours
  4. Place of work

These are the skills that lack in fresh graduates in Pakistan

Applicants must meet HEC and university eligibility criteria in place for admission in BS, MS, and Ph.D. programs. At least 60% marks in HSSC or equivalent exams.

Verbal Communication(83.63%)
Positive Attitude(71.93%)
Team Working(64.91%)
Critical Thinking(59.06%)
Self Confidence(59.06%)
Written Communication(57.31%)
Drive &Resilience(57.31%)
Stress Tolerance(47.37%)
Time Management(45.61%)
Planning &Organizing(45.03%)


this field is a match for you: Computer Science, Information technology, Maths, Physics, Engineering, and Emerging technologies.

Academic Requirement

 Required Bacholar’s degree in engineering or other relevant fields.

Working Hours

Working hours are flexible and based on the projects.

Place of work

Software engineers can go for job in office or working as a freelancer to build up personal business.

The competition in this field is very tough but different fields in this career make you choice easily. Get highest score in coding and you must work hard for better results.

Career Prospects of Software Engineering

  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Tester
  • Game Developer
  • Software Researcher

Lead Software Engineer

As a Lead Software Engineer, you will be responsible for building, maintaining, and evolving our comprehensive software platform at a scale required to provide world-class technology to our customers. You will work closely with the Senior Software Engineer to define, design, and implement complex solutions to challenging problems, with the goal of making our products better, faster, and easier to use. You will be a part-time member of our team, providing the education and hands-on experience to mentor the next generation of engineers, and working closely with the Senior Software Engineer to solve technology challenges. You will work closely with the CTO and the Chief Product Officer to define a product vision and roadmap and will be expected to help the company achieve its goals in the short term.

Quality Assurance Tester

I am a Quality Assurance Tester, an in-house position tasked with ensuring that the products that leave our factory meet the highest quality standards. I spend most of my time investigating defects in the products we manufacture and ensuring that our production lines are operating properly.

I also conduct post-production quality assurance testing on our finished products to ensure that they meet our specifications. I thoroughly enjoy my work and am glad to have the opportunity to work for such a great company.

Game Developer

The most common method to engineer game developers is to offer internships. A program that offers game developers a chance to develop a valuable skill set is a great way to find a new job.

Engineering game developer, sound designer, and music composer, Game development leads to other creative opportunities and the recognition of hard work and dedication.

Software Researcher

The engineering of software has generally been associated with a particular profession or discipline. But software engineering is not a profession. It is a process. A process in which engineers design and build computers and electronic devices.

Software Engineer Salary In Pakistan

The average salary of software Engneer is RS 818,389.The profit and salary are according to the 2022 budget.

Base SalaryRs 96k – RS 2m
BonusRs 10k – Rs 306k
Profit sharingRs 2k- Rs 582k
CommissionRs 5k – Rs 100k
Total PayRs 103k – Rs 3m