Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to decide on Schools closure today news – winter vacations

Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to decide on Schools closure. As the second wave of corona-various in Pakistan, Now the new corona-virus cases in Pakistan continue to rise rapidly with a 27% increase registered on Friday, November 20 alone educational ministers will once again meeting on Monday, November 23, to decide if Pakistan’s schools have … Read more

How to apply for_Bahimat Buzurg Program registration

How to apply for Bahimat Buzurg Program registration. Under the Government of Punjab “bahimat buzurg program”, the elderly people particularly women will be get monthly Rs 2,000 as “Social Pension” by the Pun government of punjab to cater their needs. Bahimat Buzurg Program: “با ہمت بزورگ پروگرام” کے تحت ، بوڑھوں خاص طور پر خواتین … Read more

After Two Days of Stability, Rupee Falls in Interbank Market

rupee falls in interbank market

The rupee’s value in the interbank market fell by Rs1.52 on Wednesday, closing the session at Rs159.83 against the US dollar, exchange rate figures released by the State Bank of Pakistan showed. In the open market, one dollar was sold at Rs160.20 compared to Rs158.25 the previous day, according to data released by the Exchange … Read more

Second Wave of CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) expected in Pakistan

Second wave of CORONA the latest study by a leading blood diseases institute in Karachi suggests there is a slim chance of a second wave of the novel corona-virus in the country, further strengthening the government’s policy of reopening businesses. Director General Health Dr Hassan Urooj Saturday says: that a possible second wave of the … Read more