Pakistan Navy Ranks and Badges, Salary / Pay Scale Information 2021

There are different sort of ranks are found in Pakistan Navy which is offered to individuals to join according to their amenities.  Each rank is offered to a responsible and caliber candidate one who can fulfill all the responsibilities in a wonderful manner and be punctual to time. Those students who want to join this … Read more

Election Officer bps-17 Salary in Pakistan grade/pay-2021

Election Officer bps-17 Salary in Pakistan grade / pay ECP is a Department of the Federal Government, which held the elections after every five years. Through the elections, Federal Government announces the successful party who will run the country’s rules and regulations for the next five years. Government announces 57 seats for Election Officer (ECP) … Read more

Full Stack Developer Salary In Pakistan 2021

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Motorway Police Junior Patrol Officer Salary In Pakistan Basic Pay Scale And Allowances

The page explained Motorway Police Junior Patrol Officer Salary In Pakistan. Motorway Is the longest is highway in Pakistan that is assigned with the extra duties of patrolling on the national highway. the name of the motorway policy was changed to the national highway and motorway police. This policy is responsible for the enforcement of … Read more

Specialized Doctor Salary in Pakistan 2021

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