All Judges Grade Salary and Pay Scale in Pakistan 2021

The details of salaries as well as perks and privileges admissible to Supreme Court and high courts judges were placed before the Senate on that prompted some senators to demand similar kinds of facilities for lawmakers.

سپریم کورٹ اور ہائیکورٹ کے ججوں کے لئے قابل قبول تنخواہوں ، تقاضوں اور مراعات کی تفصیلات کو سینیٹ کے سامنے رکھا گیا جس سے کچھ سینیٹرز قانون سازوں کے لئے اسی طرح

کی سہولیات کا مطالبہ کرنے پر مجبور ہوگئے۔

List of Judges in Pakistan

  1. Session Judge
  2. District Judge
  3. Civil Judge 
  4. High Courts Judge
  5. Supreme Court Judges

The judiciary of Pakistan (Urdu) is a hierarchical system with two classes of courts: the superior (or higher) judiciary and the subordinate (or lower) judiciary. The superior judiciary is composed of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Federal Shariat Court, and five High Courts, with the Supreme Court at the apex. There is a High Court for each of the four provinces as well as a High Court for the Islamabad Capital Territory.

Police Salary And Pay Scale

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Judges Grade and Pay Scale and Salary

Supreme Court Judge

Supreme court judge salary and grade details

Supreme court judge salary and grade details

High Court Judge

high court judges salary details

The Constitution of Pakistan entrusts the superior judiciary with the obligation to preserve, protect and defend the constitution.[1] Neither the Supreme Court nor a High Court may exercise jurisdiction about Tribal Areas, except otherwise [2] provided for.[3] The disputed regions of Azad Kashmir and Gilgit–Baltistan have separate court systems.[4][5]

پاکستان کی عدلیہ (اردو: پاکستان کی عدلیہ) ایک درجہ بندی کا نظام ہے جس میں دو طبقے کی عدالتیں ہیں: اعلی (یا اعلی) عدلیہ اور ماتحت (یا کم) عدلیہ۔ اعلی عدلیہ سپریم کورٹ آف پاکستان ، فیڈرل شریعت کورٹ اور پانچ اعلی عدالتوں پر مشتمل ہے ، جس میں عدالت عظمیٰ ہے۔ چاروں صوبوں میں سے ہر ایک کے لئے ایک ہائی کورٹ کے علاوہ اسلام آباد کیپیٹل ٹیریٹری کے لئے ایک ہائی کورٹ ہے۔

آئین پاکستان اعلی عدلیہ کو آئین کے تحفظ ، حفاظت اور دفاع کا فرض سونپتا ہے۔ [1] نہ تو سپریم کورٹ اور نہ ہی کوئی ہائی کورٹ قبائلی علاقوں کے سلسلے میں دائرہ اختیار استعمال کرسکتی ہے ، سوائے دوسری صورت میں [2] فراہم کردہ۔ آزاد کشمیر اور گلگت بلتستان کے متنازعہ علاقوں میں عدالتوں کا الگ نظام موجود ہے۔

The median, maximum, minimum, and the range

According to which, the salary of chief justice of Supreme Court with effect from 2021 is Rs 846,549, besides Rs 370,597 superior judicial allowance, Rs 68,000 house rent if official residence not provided, medical allowance is 15 percent of salary stand frozen level of its admissibility, ie, Rs 56,464 per month.

The salary of an SC judge is Rs 799, 699 and the superior judicial allowance is Rs 370,597, while the house rent and medical allowance are identical to what the chief justice is being given. Moreover, the SC chief justice and judges have chauffer driven two cars maintained at government expense at their disposal, one at the principal seat and the other at provincial headquarters with 600 liters of fuel, free medical treatment for the family, rent-free residence maintained by the government with the provision of electricity, gas and water facilities.

Besides, they also draw TA/DA during the official tour, ie, Rs 5,000 per diem special rate. Moreover, they will be entitled to concessions on tours, Rs 12 per kilometer, transfer grant equal to one month’s pay if a judge has a family and equal to half a month’s pay if a judge has no family and also transportation charges, journey on duty reimbursement and exemption from income tax.

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