Judges salary allowance in Pakistan 2021

Supreme Court of Pakistan


The orders and decisions issued by this court are binding on all courts. The constitution includes detailed provisions relating to the court’s constitution, jurisdiction, and functions. Qualifications and Procedures for Appointment of Judges Basis and Procedures for Raising Retirement Age and Terms and Conditions of Service of Joe.

The Supreme Court works on facts and legitimate powers. It has the federal government, the provincial government, and all the powers to resolve disputes. Under these powers, the court makes its decisions. If the importance of the people is involved in the implementation of fundamental rights in this case, then the court can also rule on it

Judges salary allowance

This is included in the 1965 constitution because the Supreme Court has moved to Karachi, and if it moves to another

High Court

place like the Chief Justice of Pakistan, it can decide with the President’s approval.
The court was first housed in Karachi and then shifted to Lahore in the High Court building.
We were stopped work because it was included in the 1973 constitution, and our court work was stopped because it said so. Due to work stoppage, the court shifted from Lahore to Rawalpindi in 1974 and was housed in a similar building called Rest House Pakistan.
Some funds were set aside for a new building in Islamabad in 1980, and construction began in 1990. The work was completed in the country on December 31, 1990, and passed into its shift.

Chief Justice of Pakistan

Judges salary allowance

The total salary of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is Rs. 840,000
The Superior Judicial Allowance is Rs. 375,500
The total salary of the Chief Justice of Pakistan is 1.2 million
In addition, they get a car for free, 500 liters for running it, petrol and free electric city.
The family is also given a house. If a house is built, they are given 6500 thousand rupees in return to stay at their place of residence.

Judge of Supreme Court

Judges salary allowance

Now we are talking about Judge Aap of the Supreme Court, whose salary is about Rs. 800,000
The special allowance given to them is about 370,000
The total amount combined with their salary and allowance is 1.17 million.
A car is bought for a Supreme Court judge, 500 liters of petrol is given, electricity is free, and gas is given free.

Chief Justice of high Court

ow it is the turn of the Chief Justice of the High Court to have a salary of about 7 lakh 13 thousand rupees
They are given a medical allowance of Rs 60,000
And they are given Rs. 270,000 in Superior allowances
His salary is Rs. 713,000; medical allowance is Rs. 60,000, and superior allowances are Rs. 70,000. The combined salary is Rs. 150,000.


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