High Paying Online Jobs in Pakistan (No Investment)

In current years, due to the economic crisis and pandemic situations, people tend to do
online work at home in Pakistan without investment in 2021. Although the trend of
online jobs is not high in Pakistan, people are being attracted to online jobs in Pakistan.

The economy can be unpredictable. Both a reliable job or an established business can
reduce the risk of a bad economy. But when you have an unexpected turn of events,
there is always a way to make money through other means

Everyone wants to make money online in Pakistan because most people do not get a
job after completing their education and they want to support their family and run their
own business.

High Paying Online Jobs in Pakistan

Types of Online Jobs
Freelancing, Blogging Data Entry Jobs, Digital Marketing, YouTube, Google Adsense,
Affiliate Marketing, Graphic Designing, Developing a Website, Design a Mobile APP,
Work as a Content Writer, Social Media Manager, and many more.

How to Earn Online in Pakistan?

How to Earn Online in Pakistan?

A lot of people in Pakistan are earning money online. I did it myself for a while so I will
list down some steps and I hope my answer is helpful about High Paying Online Jobs in Pakistan.

i) Know/Gain a skill in demand: If you already have a skill in demand then great! Go
online to check the possible rates you can get and then move on to the next step.
If not or you are confused, then google things “Best skills for online freelancers” or
something similar and then find something you can be good at. You also need to create
a portfolio even if it is a simple one so try to get some local experience.
Remember that this is often the hardest part and there is global competition online but it
pays off if you keep at it.

ii) Find Facebook and social media groups for that skill: You can find groups for
freelance writers in Pakistan etc. Finding such a group, or making one will give you a
good base to connect with like-minded people and ask them questions one to one.
Whenever you have a question in the following steps, use this group(s).
It can also help you find local clients!

iii) Find Online Market Places that will help you connect with clients: It can be Upwork,
Toptal, 99Designs, or Fiverr, whatever suits you best really. You can always make
profiles on multiple sites.
Remember to review sites for their reputation, policies, and payment options because
some options are not available like Paypal locally

iv) Setup profiles to 100% completion in every profile you make!! This is necessary due
to the competition and involves curating your portfolio, setting up payment methods so it
is a lot of work but it is worth it.

v) Learn how to communicate with clients. Good English skills are important but
communication is more than that. Learn to sell yourself to the client. Search online to
study this topic further. Do not Skip it!

vi) For the first few clients on every site, offer to work for them for free and over-deliver
what you promised. Do this in exchange for good ratings and building your portfolio.

vii) After getting your first few clients, always remember it is necessary to improve all the
skills that got you here. If you are earning enough, consider a paid membership to sites
where you can learn these skills further.
Best of luck!

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