Pakistan Navy Ranks and Badges, Salary / Pay Scale Information 2021

Pakistan Navy Ranks badges salary

There are different sort of ranks are found in Pakistan Navy which is offered to individuals to join according to their amenities.  Each rank is offered to a responsible and caliber candidate one who can fulfill all the responsibilities in a wonderful manner and be punctual to time.

Those students who want to join this so advertisement is announced twice in a year and willing candidates join this field easily. Once a person entered in this field can raise his rank by toiling day and night and that person must perform his duty with heart and soul and with full spirit and devotion.

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A rank having four stars is the highest rank in the Pakistan Navy and is selected by the president with the confirmation of Prime Minister.

Pakistan Navy Ranks and Badges

The following is the list of different types of ranks of Pakistan Navy which are displayed on the shoulder.


These are the ranks of Pakistan Navy and whoever wants to allocate such ranks must have to strive hard and work like Trojan to raise his/her rank in this field.

Pakistan Navy Salary / Pay Scale

Every one of us desires to work in Pakistan Navy because it is one of the authentic defence force of Pakistan but most of us don’t know about Pakistan Navy Salary / Pay Scale because it is the basic information that on the base of this information you apply for the job in Pakistan Navy. Here at this page of our website we discuss in detail about the Pakistan Navy Pay Scale and also about Salary which Navy Officers Offered by the Government of Pakistan. In the above-posted image, you can easily understand this information from the rank of Midshipman to Admiral of the Fleet.

  • Admiral of the fleet: OF-10
  • Admiral: OF-9
  • Vice Admiral: OF-8
  • Rear Admiral: OF-7
  • Commodore: OF-6
  • Captain: OF-5
  • Commander: OF-4
  • Lieut. Commander: OF-3
  • Lieutenant: OF-2
  • Sub Lieutenant: OF-1
  • Midshipman: OF-0

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Estimated Salary:

In the following, we provide you estimated salary package of Navy Officers and this estimated salary is only basic salary because there are some other allowances are also offer by the Government of Pakistan to it’s on duty Navy Officers.

  •  Admiral Rs. 45,000+
  • Vice Admiral Rs. 40,000+
  • Rear Admiral Rs. 36,000+
  • Captain Rs. 32,000+
  • Commander Rs. 28,000+
  • Lieutenant Commander Rs. 24,000+
  • Lieutenant Rs. 20,000+
  • Sub Lieutenant Rs. 16,000+
  • Midshipman Rs. 12,000+
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