How to Prepare For ISSB AT HOME


Pakistan’s armed forces are one of the best in the world and many youngsters of the country aspire to join them to serve the nation. If you’re among those who wish to join the armed forces then you’ve probably heard about it ISSB. It is a 4-day selection test where candidates’ personality, ability, and aptitude are tested.

How to Prepare For ISSB At Home:

Now a day a lot of student are trying to Prepare their ISSB Test Online at Home . Because they cant afford the academies these days. If you are interested to prepare your test online then we are here to help you.

Types of Tests in ISSB:

  • Psychological test
  • Indoor and Outdoor tasks
  • Interview


Once all the indoor and outdoor activities are over, the candidates are called for an interview. In this step, the candidates are asked about the personal life, academic career, life goals and their opinions regarding different aspects.

Now you are aware of different types of tests in ISSB so you can prepare yourself accordingly. For a written and verbal test, you can check different sample tests on the internet. For instance, to prepare yourself for picture story writing, you can take any picture and write a short story about it. Set a timer as well so that you can do this activity on time. For physical tasks, you can lift weights and do some exercise so that you can do all the physical activities easily

Indoor and Outdoor tasks:

  • Group Discussion [Discussions are conducted on a given topic or subject]
  • Group Planning [Group has to plan a solution of a given problem]
  • Individual Obstacles [Simple obstacles that a candidate has to overcome]

Psychological test:

In the psychological test, there is a word association test where a candidate has to make a sentence from the given words. Picture story writing, pointer story writing, and sentence completion are some of the tests that are taken in different parts of the psychological test.

Other Test will also be taken Such as:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Expression
  • Fitness
  • Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Academic Ability

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