Study in Canada After 10th From Pakistan – 2021

First of all, the start today topic keeps in mind that’s all incorrect Info that’s the study in Canada after completing your 10th.

Can I study in Canada after completing Metric [10th] from Pakistan?

Something we’ve been asked a lot over the years now.

Unfortunately, all the information out there is incorrect.

Many consultants are falsely claiming that they can get you a student visa after you complete the 10th grade (Matriculation). Please, beware; this is incorrect. That Info is erroneous. You can’t get access after complete your 10th. If you want a permit from Canada, then you have must 12th

That is not the case.

To understand this, we must look at the education systems found in both Canada and Pakistan.

A high school in Pakistan is until Matriculation (Matric) or 10th grade, whereas Canada considers high school until 12th grade. 

To gain admission to Canadian colleges/universities, your Pakistani high school education must be equivalent to 12 years of high school in Canada. 

You can Gain Admission to Canadian Colleges After the 10th Grade is Incorrect.

Unfortunately, many of our Pakistani students fall for this scam and end up paying consultants to find out that their applications have been rejected by the Canadian government and the Canadian colleges.

At SUN, we want to change that and share as much information there is about the various student programs in Canada.

If you have no clue about who can apply for the Canadian student visa, here is a brief overview:

We are here to help you, and we won’t always give the right Info to our visitors here. Below some info related Right Visa for students

  • Your high school education must be equivalent to that of Canadian high school education (12 years). 
  • have a study gap of more than 1.5 years.
  • You need to have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate of 10,000 Canadian dollars
  • You need to have scored at least 6.0 in each of the testing categories of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • You need first to gain admission to the university to get your student visa approved
  • You need to pay your university’s first-year tuition fee 
  • You need to pay for your one year living expense as well 

Study Abroad After 10th

If you can fulfill all of these requirements, you can get your Canadian student visa approved.

If you are looking to get a student visa, SUN can help. At SUN have connections with Canadian institutes to help you gain admission. Also, evaluate your profile for free to check whether or not you qualify. And have helped thousands of students study in Canada, and now it’s time we help you.

Study in Canada: A Guide for International Students

Considering that it’s the second-largest country in the world by land area, there’s plenty to explore in Canada. Bordered by the United States to the south, the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and the Arctic Ocean to the north, Canada has a unique location that offers some stunning views, extreme weather, and unlimited things to discover.

These are just a few of the reasons that students love studying abroad in Canada!

Although a large country, many Canada is dominated by forests and tundra, which has led to a highly urbanized population. Nearly half of Canada’s 35 million residents live in the three largest cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, which have become the most popular study abroad destinations in Canada. But, whether you prefer the fast-paced city life or the more laid-back vibe of smaller towns close to nature, there’s plenty of Canadian study destinations to choose from!

Study in Canada After 10th From Pakistan

Studying Abroad in Canada

The Canadian education system prides itself on being a world-leader in research while remaining accessible and diverse. Compared to other higher education systems, Canadian degree programs may seem more flexible as well. No matter what degree you pursue, students are given some choice when it comes to picking classes. Therefore, Canadian students have more control over their workload and what subjects they will study, depending on the discipline.

The length it takes to complete a doctorate varies widely, but on average, it can take anywhere from four to six years. It’s also important to note that all Canadian and international students are responsible for paying tuition fees.
If that sounds at all interesting to you, join the over one million students for an adventure of a lifetime in Canada!

How Pakistani Students can Get Canadian Student Visa

How Pakistani Students can Get Canadian Student Visa

To get entrance permission for study in Canada, Pakistani students must obtain a student visa first. Students are to be informed that without Visa the entrance or study journey will not be possible. Which type of Visa is required to get permission for study? Through which process Pakistani students can apply for a Canadian student visa? What are the documents necessary to apply for a Canadian passport? What is the duration of a Canadian visa application for Pakistani students? And what is the student Canadian visa fee for Pakistani students? The students usually ask for all these points. All these points are clearly described here on this page.

Type of Canadian Students Visa

Students are to be informed that there are not specific types of student visas than other developed countries. Students need to apply for a standard student visa or student permit to get permission to Canada for studies.

Application Process to Apply for Canadian Student Visa 2021 from Pakistan

Once, you have got the acceptance letter from a recognized university of Canada, and this is the time to apply for your student visa. This student visa is also known as a student permit.


From a recognized educational institute, get an acceptance letter at first. There is something different process for the students who will apply to a university based in Quebec.


Now, get a Canadian student visa application package. For this purpose, you can contact the embassy and consulate at your local place. You can also check it on CIC Website.


For selecting the application package applicants need to answer the following questions to be eligible at CIC Website.


In case if you are found eligible then you will get a personal checklist code. This checklist is valid for 60 days. The page with the code the applicants have to keep in print for proof or reference. At this page, they will provide students with different guides including tuition fees and documents checklist.


Once you have become ready to apply, you will create an MYCIC account at CIC Website.


Once you have gathered your documents and application then you have to pay your fee. Make sure that you are going to submit a complete application at CIC.


in some cases, applicants are asked for an interview at their local visa office or embassy.

Required Documents for Pakistani students for Canadian Student Visa 2021

  1. Applicants must fill a student visa application form
  2. The original letter of acceptance is required to submit
  3. Valid travel documents are also required to gather at the time of application submission
  4. Two recent passport size photographs with name and date of birth on the back are required
  5. A financial statement that will show that you can easily afford your study abroad journey is needed. Tuition fees and 917 CAD/month are required for Quebec, and tuition fees with 833 CAD/month for all other provinces are required to show.
  6. An explanation letter is required
  7. In case you are going to apply for Quebec, you have to submit your documents with English and French translation.
  8. Language proficiency certificate, i.e., IELTS, TOEFL, or CEA also required
  9. Visa fee receipt is also required to submit

Application Duration of Canadian Student Visa 

Approximately 04 to 06 weeks are required to process the student permit for Canada.

Student Visa Fee of Canada for Pakistani students

150 CAD is the fee for a student visa permit.

Living and Accommodation Options in Canada

It can be one of the most important decisions of your life to study abroad. It could be a way to change your style entirely. Your attitude, your living style, even your habits are going to change. The change in everything could be easy, but a difference in your living style or life patterns may disturb you. Once you have decided now, this is the time to make possible implements not to overthink. Here in this section, we will make the students aware of the lifestyle they will find as living in Canada.

Accommodation: Accommodation is one of the main objects about which students worry. Actually, for living a sound lifestyle, housing plays a vital role. What types of accommodation Canada offers to the international students we will discuss here.

On-Campus Accommodation in Canada

There are many universities and colleges are located in Canada offer on-campus accommodation to international students. There are many benefits including interaction with the students throughout the world, involvement in many activities and programs, a good meal, and cooking facilities students can find through on-campus accommodation.

Off-Campus Accommodation

For students who prefer to live outside the campus, there are also many opportunities available for them. On-campus accommodation is, no doubt, the best option. Sometimes, students do not get the chance because of the fewer choices, and a few colleges and universities also exist that do not offer accommodation. So, under these circumstances, students have to move for an off-campus living style. Following are the options to live outside your campus:

Rental Apartments

Students can arrange an apartment for rent. The flats or apartments of different types you can find. Just choose according to your need. Apartments are provided with bath, kitchen and other necessary facilities. The apartment will be costly as much as the number of facilities it will offer.

Shared Apartments

Another best option adopts by most of the off-campus living students is to share an apartment. Find the international students living in an apartment and share the apartment for sharing the expenditures. In such a way you can easily arrange your accommodation at reasonably less cost.


Canadian families are so loving. They allow foreigners to stay with them. You have to be the right character person to live with them. They offer almost all the necessary facilities for living a sound lifestyle to foreigners especially to international students.

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