Telenor Question Today 01 April 2021 – Today Quiz answer


Telenor is giving you many free MBs with a Quiz answer on 01 April  2021. And within this article, we will tell you the Telenor question today questions and their answers from which you can get a lot of MBs.

Today Telenor Quiz Answer

ٹیلی نار سے مفت انٹرنیٹ ڈیٹا حاصل کریں

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today telenor question

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telenor question today 01 April 

Are you looking for My Telenor App quiz answers? Now I have the answered all quizzes and won the quiz. Customer Just open My Telenor App and then open the menu “Test your skill” here

You can get some free internet data from “My Telenor app” by the below answers. You can use these answers to win free internet Mbs & can be used within a day.

Here I’m going to tell you the method which you can use to win internet MBs from My Telenor App.

Step by step guide, to get free data

  • Open My Telenor App
  • Click on the “Test your Skills button” on the right side in-app
  • There you will see 5 questions.
  • You need to answer those questions.
  • You must answer those 5 questions correctly.
  • Then you will get 100/50 MBs.

you can use this answer in my Telenor app question. You can also get all the answers. We updated and posted daily answers for all Telenor questions firstly. So, keep visiting to get the latest answers and question. We always provide value able and useful information which helps you to increase your general knowledge.

You will find these Answer and questions will help you to Win Telenor Free Internet 100 MB or 50 mb.

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My Telenor today 5 questions you have select answers from giving 4 options on my Telenor.

Today my telenor app quiz

Q.1  In which ocean is the island of Madagascar?

  • Atlantic
  • Pacific
  • Indian
  • Arctic

Ans: Indian

Q.2   Alberta is the province of which country?

  • USA
  • China
  • Canada
  • Iran

Ans: Canada

Q.3 Which river is the longest river in the world?

  • Neelum
  • Congo
  • Amazon
  • Nile

Ans: Nile

Q.4 How many players are there in a rugby league team?

  • 15
  • 21
  • 10
  • 13

Ans: 13

Q.5 Who won the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?

  • India
  • Brazil
  • USA
  • South Africa

Ans: USA

My Telenor Answer all the questions correctly to win Telenor daily 50MB Monthly 1500MB and enter into a Telenor lucky draw.

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