Today Telenor Answer 26 October 2021 Quiz Answers

today telenor quiz
today my telenor quiz answers

Today Telenor Answer from my Telenor app. we will tell you today 26 October 2021 answer from my Telenor app, which you can get a lot of MBs. Check and give all questions answers with the help of our website. scroll down to get free Mbs with test your skill offer

Today Telenor Qusitions Answer

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today telenor answer
Telenor quiz answer

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Telenor Quiz Today Answers 26 October 2021

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  • Here I’m going to tell you the method which you can use to win internet MBs from My Telenor App.
  • Step by step guide, to get free data
  • Open My Telenor App
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  • There you will see 5 questions.
  • You need to answer those questions.
  • You must answer those 5 questions correctly.
  • Then you will get 100/50 MBs.

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Today my Telenor app Qustion Answers

My Telenor today 5 questions you have the select answer from giving 4 options on my Telenor. Today Telenor Quiz Answers in below here.

Today my Telenor Quiz

Q.1 Which teams contested in the first Super Over in T20 World Cup history?

  • WIN – NZ
  • PAK – IND
  • ENG – PAK
  • None

Ans: WIN – NZ

Q.2 What is the substitute man in cricket called?

  • Fielder
  • Batsman
  • Twelfth Man
  • None

Ans: Twelfth Man

Q.3 Who is the captain of England’s cricket team?

  • B. Rankin
  • E. Morgan
  • D. Nannes
  • W. Porterfied

Ans: E. Morgan

Q.4 Who hit the memorable sixer from Pakistani team in 1992 world cup finale?

  • J. Miandad
  • S.Afridi
  • S.Akhtar
  • None

Ans: J. Miandad

Q.5 Which bowler has bowled the fastest ball ever?

  • S.Afridi
  • J. Miandad
  • S.Akhtar
  • S. Watson

Ans: S.Akhtar

My Telenor Answer all the questions correctly to win Telenor daily 50MB Monthly 1500MB and enter into a Telenor lucky draw.

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My Telenor Answer all the questions correctly to win Telenor daily 50MB Monthly 1500MB and enter into a Telenor lucky draw. For more information about Telenor internet data.

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today telenor answer
today quiz answers

Today Telenor Answer all the questions correctly to win Telenor daily 50MB Monthly 1500MB and enter into a Telenor lucky draw. you can easily get my Telenor app free MBS daily with the help of our website and Facebook page. today’s quiz is best and free for all Telenor users to give the answers and win MBS.

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